BBA Course has built in me the courage and confidence which helps me to talk in front of many people. By the time I graduate I know that I will be ready for a wide range of Business professions. —Veronica SYBBA

BBA is an interesting and different course, the NBC’s should have less homework. The subjects are relevant to the course.—-Sheryl Gonsalves TYBBA

BBA is an awesome course.—- Akhib Khan TYBBA

BBA is a good course because of BBA students presentation skills becomes better, I like all the subjects in BBA.—- Snigdha  TYBBA

BBA comprises of a mixture of subjects that are really interesting and provide knowledge that is important in the business world. —Ciriaca TYBBA

BBA is an amazing experience I learn something new everyday. The subjects are well diversified with its mixture of business and non business courses.— Fred SYBBA

BBA has taught me more about myself like my strengths and weaknesses, my weaknesses are worked upon in class which makes me a stronger and a smarter individual —–FYBBA



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